maandag 16 juli 2007

Darfur Needs China to Act (Sign the Petition!)

Darfur Needs China to Act

His Excellency Hu Jintao:

In part due to the constructive efforts of your nation, there have been some recent glimmers of hope that the genocide in Darfur may finally come to an end.  In particular, China's contributions to obtaining Sudan's agreement to what Special Ambassador Liu Guijin's described as "unconditional acceptance" of the third phase of the hybrid peacekeeping plan could represent a crucial step forward.
This apparent progress, however, has to be assessed with a careful eye.  Sudan has made many such commitments in the past, including at Addis Ababa in November at China's urging, only to backtrack soon thereafter.

We are writing to urge you in the strongest possible manner to hold the Sudanese government to the commitments it has made to the world -- and to China -- to allow peacekeepers into Darfur, and to press Sudan to take the other steps necessary to build a lasting peace and ease the humanitarian crisis.

We believe China has a special role and responsibility in ensuring Sudan's compliance.  This role reflects your country's importance as a world leader and its role in obtaining Sudan's commitment in the June 12th agreement.  This role is especially elevated this month as your country chairs the United Nations Security Council and over the next year as host of the upcoming Olympics.

This special responsibility reflects your close economic, political, and military ties to Sudan.  China has more influence than any other nation over Sudan.  It also concerns us that even as Sudan has continued to commit gross atrocities and violations of human rights in Darfur, Sino-Sudanese ties have continued to grow closer, as typified by the recent decision of the Chinese National Petroleum Company to co-develop a Sudanese offshore oil block, and that China often mimics Sudan's inaccurately rosy description of events in Sudan. 

Specifically, we call on China to take the following steps to protect the 2.5 million people who have been chased from their homes in Darfur and face the threat of starvation, disease, and rape, as well as the hundreds of thousands still in their homes who risk displacement, torture, and death. 

1. Use every means possible to ensure that Sudan lives up to its agreement to permit the introduction of the third phase of the hybrid force into Darfur in the immediate future;
2. Publicly acknowledge the mass killings, human suffering, and displacement taking place in Darfur;
3. Make clear to Sudan that if it again obstructs progress towards peace, this will damage Chinese-Sudanese  relations -- including trade and investment;
4. Suspend all arms sales and military cooperation with Sudan until the genocide has ended;
5. Work harmoniously with other countries to strengthen work on the political peace process by the AU and UN envoys, and to pressure all parties to participate fully and unconditionally in peace talks.
6. Provide greater humanitarian assistance to Darfuri victims; and
7. Fully participate in all multilateral peacekeeping efforts designed to advance a Darfur peace process.

One last point: There have been unpublished reports that, in recent days, China has used its position as head of the UN Security Council to weaken a resolution designed to end the genocide. We hope that these reports are not true and that China instead uses its UN role over the next few weeks to put in place the agreement and mechanisms needed to halt the killing of Darfurians.
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Wouter Brasse already participated in this campaign on 07/16/2007.

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  1. Geweldig! Eindelijk iemand die het begrijpt. De enige oplossing is China zo ver te krijgen dat ze hun politiek wijzigen. Voor hun economisch gewin wordt de Sudanese regering in het zadel gehouden. Ik was daar en kon het duidelijk zien. Maar al landen kijken de andere kant op want China voor het hoofd stoten schaadt hun economie. Ondertussen lijdt het fantastische Sudaneese volk verder!