maandag 3 mei 2010

Inzamelingsaktie voor zieke Eve Lugassi uit Haifa - Israël

Hieronder een oproep van Bert de Bruin om geld in te zamelen voor een ernstig ziek 11-jarig meisje uit Haifa. Ze heeft een zeldzame ziekte, en alleen een dure behandeling in de VS kan uitkomst bieden. De bron is 100% betrouwbaar. Hopelijk willen veel mensen bijspringen!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Please help Eve Lugassi!

Eve Lugassi

Yesterday, at a social event in the small town where we live, my wife and I learnt that a friend and former classmate of our 11-year-old daughter has become seriously ill, and urgently needs an operation in the United States. Eve and our daughter were together in the playgroup, kindergarten, and first and second grade. We know her, her mother and brother, grandmother, and grandfather well, a loving, hard working family. Already when she was a very young girl, Eve spent many months in hospital, but she always has been a very lively and lovely, happy, smart child.

According to the flyers that were distributed yesterday, $250,000 is needed for the operation alone. Eve's school, my wife's school, our daughter's school, and several other organizations and groups have started to try and raise the money that is needed to have Eve's eyesight and hearing saved.

If you are able and willing to help this wonderful girl, you find several ways of making a donation in the message that Eve wrote for the LifeLine website. I translated that page, the original of which can be found here, from Hebrew into English. The LifeLine (Kav LaHayim ) Foundation, which has 'adopted' Eve, is an Israeli non-profit organization that helps seriously ill children with whatever help, encouragement, logistical assistance etc. that these children need.

Feel free to copy and post this posting on your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. etc.

We get enlisted to save Eve Lugassi!

Shalom to you!

My name is Eve, and I am 11 years old, and a student at the Reali school in Haifa.

I have a 7-year-old brother, Yarin, and a mother - Ayala - who works hard to make a living for our little family.

When I was three months old, I underwent my first eye operation, because of a rare congenital problem. After that I underwent another operation, and another one - all together 7 operations, in Canada, in the Schneider hospital ( a children's hospital in Petah Tikvah ), and in the Sheba hospital ( Tel HaShomer ). Today I suffer from a sight defect, but with that I cope, somehow...

I am a happy, smiling girl, I enjoy reading, singing, and playing the piano. I just love to live!!!

About a year ago, another rare disease was discovered in my body, Neurofibromatosis type II (NF2). And again - in an uncommon way - the disease attacked me at a too young age, and in the most dangerous location: in my skull, on the nerves that control my hearing, my sight and my face.

Right now, I suffer from dizziness, instability, and weakness all through the day - which makes it difficult for me to go regularly to school, to meet with friends, and to do the things that I love to do.

If I don't undergo promptly a complicated operation in the United States, I will lose my hearing, and my health will deteriorate very much.

The operation has to be carried out in the United States - by experts in the field - according to the recommendation of his honor rabbi Firer ( an amazing man, who has done a lot of incredibly important work; he heads the Ezrah LaMarpeh non-profit foundation, and is recipient of an honorary doctorate of the renowned Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, BdB ).

Around me a small group of people has gathered: uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother, family friends, friends from my school, and the LifeLine ( Kav LaHayim ) foundation has adopted me and is harnessed to accompany me all along the way and with raising the funds that are needed to save the quality of my life.

There are several ways in which donations for my cause can me made:

* A trust account, nr. 487435, at branch nr. 532 of Bank HaPoalim, for a bank transfer in the name of Kav LaHayim trust fund Eve Lugasi.
* A telephone number for donations: 03-9250505 ( from outside Israel: 00972-3-9250505 ), stating "For Eve Lugassi"
* Sending donations by mail: Kav LaHayim/LifeLine - for Eve Lugassi, Rehov Gonen 15, Qiryat Matalon, Petah Tikvah 49259
* Donations via the website of Kav LaHayim ( Lifeline ) ( on Eve's page this links appears, but it is only in Hebrew ).

I very much want to live a normal life!!

To learn, to play the piano, to sing, to read, and to keep smiling!!

Your donation is important for me!!!

Thank you!


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