donderdag 25 oktober 2007

Oorlog om vrede? - One Voice versus ISM

Ik deel het cynisme van de Egyptische Zandaap betreffende One Voice en de vredesvooruitzichten niet, maar moest wel lachen om zijn weergave van de ISM activisten. Ze doen een beetje denken aan Tanja Nijmeijer, die naieve linkse idealiste die zich in de Colombiaanse jungle bij de FARC aansloot, en zich vervolgens beklaagde dat de commandantes alleen oog hadden voor haar rondborstige kameraden.
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    Monday, 15 Oct 2007

    One Voice vs. The ISM

    One Voice is another misguided Grass roots efforts led by people that think that the israeli palestinian conflict is one that people are interested in solving and that could be confronted if we all were united and demanded peace. This, of course, is horse poop, because this conflict has many people who have seriously vested interests in never ending it, starting from the palestinian and israeli leaderships (Yes, that includes Fatah, Hamas, Kadima, Likud and Labour), passing by the international Jihady groups who use it as a fantastic recruitment tool for late-teens/ early-twenties kids who have nuttin better to do than hope to die for a cause  and arab governments that would collapse if no enemy such as israel existed, and ending with so called Humanitarian organizations who would lose both purpose and funding if the conflict was ever resolved. The latter is usually comprised of idiotic Hippies from western countries who want some sort of validation for their  socialist leftists beliefs so they go to Gaza and the westbank, buy and wear Koufeyas, take pictures with smiling palestinian children to be placed on facebook later, start rowdy demonstrations and attack IDF soldiers who respond in kind, and return home with "you don't know what it was like; I was there man. The Zionazis threw teargas canisters at me and shit" stories that validate them as experts on the palestinian-israeli conflict in front of their tofu-eating-Che-Guevara-Idolizing compatriots, and leave the Palestinians to face the aftermath of their actions.  

    The International Solidarity movement is such an organization, and it chose to start a fight with the One Voice people, because they didn't take an anti-Israeli position, prompting instead fo demand peace and support for a two state solution. The One Voice people were going to Organize concerts, and of course the ISM started pointing at them and screaming "Zionist agents who want the palestinian sell away their rights and cause", which lead some crazy freaks from their compatriots to send death threats to arabic singers who were supposed to perform and got the whole thing cancelled. The ISM people, adding insult to injury, decided to have their own concert on that same day, which singers of course were not threatened at all. 

    Funny how that works out.

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